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Reverse Breathing Chi-Gong Exercise

  1. Find a quiet comfortable place to reach a tranquil state of mind. Prepare to embrace nature and mingle the energy of the Universe.
  2. Close your eyes and relax. For those who have a chronic disease, exhale deeply before inhaling. If you do not have a chronic disease, inhale deeply then exhale. Focus your awareness on your breath and enjoy your  breathing in a comfortable, slow pace.
  3. As you inhale slowly, visualize water lifting coolness from your abdominal aorta region (3 inches below your navel) into your sternum. Repeat step 3 until you can not inhale anymore.
  4. Then exhale only 20% of your exhalation containing the fire from your heart region. As you exhale, press the fire down to the abdominal aorta with the aide of your lungs and diaphragm.
  5. Hold your breath and use your visualization to keep pressing down the fire coming from the heart for approximately 5 to 8 seconds. Visualize red light flowing down with the fire as you hold the breath. You will  gradually feel a flow of warmth in your abdominal aorta region.
  6. Then, exhale the remaining 80% of your exhalation sending the warmth down to your perineum (anus) and reaching to your adrenals and two kidneys. You will gradually feel the warmth flow to your lumbar (lower back) region.
  7. The best time to practice reverse breathing is one hour before bedtime or whenever you feel tired. You may  practice reverse breathing either laying face upward or seated with your palms resting on the thighs  facing upward. When you practice in a seated position, be sure that you are sitting on the front part (1/3) of the chair with your neck, spine, and sacrum in a straight line. Do not lean on the chair.    
  8. The duration of practice can be from 20 minutes to 3 days. It is a very effective technique in weight loss if you practice when fasting. It can also help induce sound sleep, re-charge energy, build up the immune system, and overcome hot flashes.   
  9. Shortly after finishing the practice, you must shuffle your hands together for at least 20 seconds until your palms  feel warm. Then, wash the face with the energy in your palms, comb the hair with the energy in your fingers, pat  the neck, the chest, massage the umbilicus, hips, back, and lateral and medial sides of your feet. 
  10. Do not shower/bathe or drink water shortly after the breathing exercise. You should wait 10 minutes because water will stop the energy you just gained.

Contract and Dilate Breathing Meditation With Yellow Color

Do not
practice this breathing technique while your stomach is full.  If you have just finished drinking lots of water or just eaten a meal., you must wait for at least one hour before practicing this technique.  The breathing meditation will help correct gastric problems such as belching, stomach pain, acid indigestion, stomach ulcers, colon problems, etc.  It also can help enhance digestion and increase your energy.