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Vital Heart - The 21st Century InventionJust as Hercules was to the weak in the world of all gods, just as rain is to the earth in drought, so is VITAL HEART to the damaged human heart.  Surpassing other remedies for heart health, this modern medicinal invention offers to the heart patient improved physical activity, increased energy, strength to the cardiac chambers..... and all of this without side affects.  In my opinion, this product id definitely an " Invention By Revelation" wrought by the hands of the O.M.D. and Master herbalist of all times.My story is this.  In 1993, after the onset of heart failure due to a lack of estrogen replacement therapy for fifteen years and an overburden of physical and emotional stress since college days, the heart weakened to the point of a murmur, not a beat, as such.  Suddenly one evening I arose from the sofa to discover that my heart wouldn't support the effort of walking to the next room.  I sat back down, reclined and stayed there for many months.  Sliding my feet in order to get to the next room was all that I could do.  Time passed and medicinal aid failed to restore normal cardiac functions leaving me with a life defined as a mere existence with limited activity.Along with this stress of debilitating physical activity, it follows that there was a lack of energy as well.  More time passed. I recall using the gage of super market visits as a measure of my cardiac improvement.  Because walking the isles brought heart palpitations with every step, the grocery basket handles were sure crutches.  At this point, I met Dr. Ging who diagnosed my condition as heart failure due to the kidneys and liver pulling strength from the heart along with the long-term effects of harmonal therapy's absence.With lessened energy and limited physical activity, the Master Herbalist began his medical journey with me.  Strength to the chambers of the heart became priority.  With each passing wave of herbal remedies for the cardiac cause, the heart responded positively.....SLOWLY  but SURELY! I began returning to normality.Astoundingly, side effects were nil with Dr. Ging's attempts to treat the voids in activity, energy, and strength for me.  I remember that at this particular time, a friend dropped by and accidentally quickened my spirit with hope.  She casually mentioned that a friend of hers had also undergone herbal therapy, thereby regaining her own health in about five years.  The handwriting was on the wall.  To me, the justification of trading five years for longevity is nothing! I did endure.  I did survive.  Now I claim longevity.  How?.... with the advent of VITAL HEART therapy in my life.These days, I shop at all large super markets without even one palpitation.  With only one nap, I can stay up all day, stand and cook for the family, and even walk across my son's football fields before his games.  Happily I have even returned to a favorite passtime as a retired art teacher painting little girl's rooms with their favorite things, the latest room being in fairies and elves.  And so, this eight year old herself, deep in the depths of an identity crisis with a need for psychological healing, has opened yet another door for me.  It's that "ever-open" door beckoning mankind to life's simple cycle of service, supporting a crowning inscription of something like 'Be ye healed... then go out... do thou likewise,' and as having been seen by the Oriental Angel of Mercy and Healing who came to me in '93.Finally, as inventions seemingly go, with some being developed by wisdom and technology yet others by sheer revelation, I much prefer inventions by the latter method.  After all, it must take an Oriental Angel to receive the heavenly likes of such a miraculous formula for this revelatory 21st century invention - VITAL HEART.  At any rate, this body remains the benefactor of GOOD HEALTH and RESTORATION by the hand of Dr. Ging. Betty Jacobs Back to Top        Return to homeThe following are case histories for myself, Thomas D. Woods, RMT; my son Anthony L. Woods and Dr. Stuart  Mauro, DOM (NM).  The cases relate the results from the use of Whole Skin on various skin conditions.My personal case:I am a 48 year old male who  works as a registered massage therapist.  I sustained a traumatic injury to my right hand when it was accidentally closed in a sliding glass patio door.  Although no bones were fractured I did sustain deep jagged lacerations to the palmar surface of my second and third fingers at the junction of the first phalangeal joints.  The injury occurred at about 5pm Monday evening.  I applied Whole Skin immediately after irrigating the wounds and continued to apply Whole Skin three to four times per day for the next five days.  The wounds were completely closed less than twenty four hours later and I returned to work doing massages the following Friday morning.The case of Anthony L. Woods:My twelve year old son was suffering with a plantar wart that was about 5mm in diameter.  We applied Whole Skin directly to the area of the wart.  Three days after treatment began the wart turned black.  Twenty-four hours later the wart sluffed off.  The wart has not reoccurred as of six months post treatment.The case of Dr. Stuart Mauro:Dr. Mauro is in his mid fifties.  He began experiencing raised lesion on his eyelids.  The lesions would erupt and become raw and irritated, causing significant discomfort.  Dr. Mauro began applying Whole Skin four to five times per day.  One week after beginning treatment all signs of the lesions had disappeared.  Dr. Mauro then discontinued the application of Whole skin.  The lesions reoccurred about two weeks later and he reapplied Whole Skin as before with the same results.  He has been free of the lesions for the past three months.Back to Top        Return to homeI first came to Dr. Ging about 3 years ago because of repeated boils that became infected every time.  Previously, I had seen an M.D.and dermatologist.  The M.D. insisted they were "bug bites" but didn't know for sure what caused them or why they kept getting infected.  The only advice the dermatologist could give me was to "wash with antibacterial soap" and gave me yet ANOTHER (a 3rd different kind) antibiotic.  I was fortunate to have found out about Dr. Ging from a friend who has known Dr. Ging for a number of yearsDr. Ging diagnosed me as having a lot of toxins caused by build-up over the years from different sources, many of which he identified, including the amalgam fillings in my teeth and other daily products I was using.  I gradually got my dental work done to have all amalgam removed.  Since my first visit with Dr. Ging and taking his various herbal remedies, I haven't had any infections or boils whatsoever in over 3 years!  I was truly amazed at the quick results.  I have noticed a dramatic increase in my resistance to colds, sore throats, and flu, of which I haven't had any of those in the past 3 years.  I now take just a few herbs daily for maintenance..Sandra YeeBack to Top        Return to homeI have experienced positive results from taking several of the Vital Chi herbal formulas.  I believe everyone should keep some of the basic formulas on hand to use whenever the need arises.Colon Cleanse formulas works very naturally.  I take Colon Cleanse whenever I feel sluggish or a little feverish to make sure I keep my system moving.  It works naturally, without causing cramping and does not feel like a laxative.  I confess that when I eat something that I know I shouldn't have, or eat foods that do not digest well when eaten together.  I take Colon Cleanse before going to bed to make sure the food moves through my system quickly.  I believe Colon Cleanse is essential to a healthy body.  I take four or five at night once or twice a week to help keep my system moving and clear of toxins.Vital Gene, Athlete Energy and Injury SupportThese herbal formulas have helped my tremendously to reduce swelling, inflammation and pain in my tissues and joints.  Due to my osteoporosis, two car accidents and three slip-and-falls, I have multiple compression fractures in my spine.  I was struggling with pain and could not sit up for very long at time without having muscle spasms that caused the pain to become worse.  I was seeing a pain specialist doctor and going to therapy at a "pain management center' at a local hospital three times a week.  I could not take the prescribed drugs and work at the same time, consequently, I was in constant pain.A friend referred me to Dr. Ging and another drove me to his clinic.  Dr. Ging gave me an acupuncture treatment and Vital Gene for inflammation and pain.  I began to feel a little better.  About a week later I drove myself to the clinic for another treatment He had developed two new formulas to help support injuries sustained in accidents and in playing sports.  I began taking the Athlete Energy and Injury Support formulas and I started feeling right away.  The Athlete Energy increased my energy and the Injury Support reduced the swelling and inflammation in my tendons and joints.The Athlete Energy formula was prescribed to me to help keep the energy moving in my chest and upper back area.  The Injury Support was prescribed to combat the stabbing pain in my tailbone, reduce swelling and inflammation in my entire spine and repair nerve and tissue damage.These formulas have helped me tremendously and I have recommended them many times.  If you have been in an accident of any kind or have joint pain, you may want to get started on these formulas.  You'll be glad you did.Ruby LeeBack to Top        Return to homeI started visiting Chris Ging because of debilitating sinus headaches a few years ago.  My chiropractor, Keith Hubbard, who had been helped with a heart problem by Dr. Ging, referred me to him.Dr. Ging tested me and concluded that I was allergic to four major food groups; corn, sugar, dairy and yeast.  It has been amazing that since that time I have had few headaches and when I do, they usually can be traced back to my ingestion of one of those foods. My next major problem was still allergy and stress related, but effecting my eyes and making me quite sick with virus-like symptoms quite often.  My eyes crusted over at times, bloodshot, one of them closing early in the evenings because it was uncomfortable to keep it open.  I had to stop working very late each night because I simply could not read and work at the computer.  It took much longer to "cure" this problem, and there are still some problems.  But my eyes are so much better that I am tempted to read and watch TV late into the evenings, instead of obeying Dr. Ging's orders to continue resting my eyes and body and meditating to get them as strong as possible.  They are on the road to recovery.Another major problem was in my abdominal area, with great discomfort on the left side.  It wasn't painful enough to have surgery, but a continuing problem.  It was especially uncomfortable when I sat at the angle to drive, and sometimes I couldn't get comfortable even laying down at night.  I didn't know how I was going to keep driving to my daughter's house in Arkansas, a 6-hour drive from here, because of the discomfort.  Dr. Ging continued working on that problem with his herbal and now I am rarely aware of that discomfort.Francey NicholsBack to Top        Return to homeFatigue was a way of life for me.  Not much of a life really.  Too tired to hope.  Too exhausted to dream.  Depression was running my life.  Depression was ruining my life.  No real answers from anywhere.  Doctors and diet I has hoped were the answer; yet relief was minimal and temporary.Not content to remain a prisoner of my existence, I searched for help.  A good friend of mine recommended Dr. Ging, after she experienced profound results from his herbal formulas.  Sounded good to me! Extremely impressed I was.Dr. Ging put me on the Liver Balancer formula.  What a relief!  Within a very short time my energy was restored.  My depression was gradually receding.  Now I could hope.  Now I could dream.  Now, once again, I had the energy and desire to embrace life.  What is blessing.  What a gift.  Thank you Dr. Ging!Janice TerraBack to Top        Return to home"Lord, your discipline is good, for it leads to life and health.  You have restored my health and have allowed me to live!" (Isaiah 38: 16 NLT)Nineteen months ago, because of pancreatic cancer, I was given 4-7 months to live, but God performed a miracle and prolonged my life.  After an operation, I took chemotherapy, but I was unable to continue because of the negative effect on the red blood cells.A friend from Taiwan took me to see Dr. Ging, a Christian and a diplomate in Acupuncture and a 
Chinese herb specialist.  I learned to modify my eating habits as well as take herbs to help restore the blood cells and other infections that I was experiencing.  I had a back pain which the oncologist said was cancer-related.  Dr. Ging gave me acupuncture, and the pain ceased! I continue to take herbs and acupuncture under the direction of Dr. Ging.Exercise, along with a positive outlook on life, have helped me to keep going.  God has used good doctors as well as answered the prayers of many people which as resulted in a longer, healthier life.Charlene OakesBack to Top        Return to homeThank you so much for sending the Kidney Formula to me by overnight mail.  My energy is very good and improving daily.  You have been a God send to me and I remember you in my prayers.Tom SchierBack to Top        Return to homeI am a licensed nurse and specialize in electro Dermal Screening using BODYSCAN multi-channel computing software.  I have had gingivitis, gum bleeding, sleep disorder, and excessive heavy metals for many years.  I have consulted many health care professionals; however, I did not receive much help until I started taking Dr. Ging's herbal formula, "Colon Cleanse Formula" and "Liver Balancer Formula" for three months starting November 20, 1999.Normally speaking, it takes longer time for an herbal formal to kick into the system compared with pharmaceutical medicine.  Dr. Ging's herbal formulas have effectively treated the symptoms within short period of time, but also cure the roots of causes of my physical problems.  I do not know the working mechanism of chinese herbs.  However, I can detect and appreciate the healing frequency of Dr. Ging's herbal formula by BODYSCAN multi-channel computing software.Gregory HugginsBack to Top        Return to home            If you have any testimonies about the effectiveness of Vital Chi products, please email to