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                   Comprehensive Vital Heart Program Using Traditional Chinese Medicine 

                                                      By Dr. Christopher Ging, OMD

                                            Copyright by Alternative Medicine Inc., May, 2001

Heart disease, the NUMBER ONE killer in the United States, causing approximately one million deaths each year. In fact, one in two people you will die from cardiovascular disease every 33 seconds. Certain aspects of cardiovascular disease as well as a number of costly and painful surgeries could be avoided each year could be by preventive care, dietary change, colon cleanse, herbal remedy, Chi-Gong breathing exercise and lifestyle changes. The proverbial "ounce of prevention" can work wonders when compare to the "pounds of cure" offered by today's medical community.

The American Heart Association estimates that the total cost of cardiovascular diseases in 1996 was $151.3 billion. An estimated 485,000 coronary artery bypass surgeries were performed in 1993, with 73% of men and 47% of patients under the age of 65. Only 5 to 10 % of 485,000 surgeries are deemed necessary. Bypass surgery generates more than $ 25 billion a year in medical revenue, with an average surgery cost of over $ 50,000.  

Cardiovascular disease from the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

I.    The heart is full of love, healing energy

The human circulatory system is comprised of the heart, microcirculatory system, lymphatic system, and the blood vessels. Besides the physical heart through hemoglobin carrying abundant oxygen, our spiritual heart, predominated by the red light energy, is full of love and compassion (fire warming energy), which carries the most powerful healing energy. Godly love can cast off  the fear (chill energy). By love, you can touch and heal people through laying the hands upon people, praying, singing, hugging, visualizing the person you would like to heal..

 II.   The heart, a strong emperor that rules the whole body, rarely gets sick

From TCM perspective, the heart is depicted as a monarch who oversees, rules the affairs of a nation, just as the heart takes proactive role, ordering hormone secretion of hormones to supply and regulate body activities, and coping with the emergencies. When the heart makes a motion, the rest of the body are accelerated to echo the heart's desire. As a king, the heart has tremendous vitality to resist various pathogens, rarely gets sick. When the heart is sick, it is due to weakness of the other organs, which gradually encumber, overload, and wear out the heart causing sickness. Most of the time, the underlying root cause of the cardiovascular disease is not directly related to the heart, but rather the kidneys, stomach, liver, autonomic nervous system, hormone imbalance, etc. There are many clinical manifestations of heart disease, and it is essential for doctors to differentiate various syndromes in order to identify the root causes of a physical heart problem before treatment.

For example, chest pain could be attributed to pleura infection, pneumonia, coronary artery blockage, phlegm in the epicardia, tooth infection due to amalgam filling, liver / stomach / spleen / kidney / heart/ lung meridian blockage, adrenal stress leading to blood clots, fungal or viral infection, anger or broken heart (emotional toxins), woman's underwire brassiere,  reflux, esophagus cancer, lung cancer,  fibromyalgia,  chronic fatigue, smoking, alcohol, sport injury, costal cartilage fracture, etc. When doctors treat just  the symptoms of heart disease such as chest pain without understanding the underlying root cause of chest,  both the doctors and the patients will be frustrated in the long run.

In contrast to the western medical views, heart activities such as dilation/contraction, heart beat, blood pressure, mitral valve action and cardiac outputs are passively determined by aldosterone-angiotensin, epinephrine, blood cholesterol levels, clotting, obesity, caffeine, smoking, and life style.

III.   The heart fulfills its kingship via the blood vessels and fourteen meridian  pathways

The blood vessels as a loop network, are rooted in, and constantly draw blood supply from the heart. By means of a broad network of blood vessels, the heart is able to nourish the body with oxygen, water, nutrients, light energy. The way in which the heart regulates biofeedback of the body is by sending the messages via fourteen-meridians pathways crossing through every facet of the body:  the brain, the eyes, four extremities, the skin, the kidneys, the liver, the lungs, and among others. In contrast to the conventional western medicine, TCM believes it is the heart that is the seat of intellectual and spiritual matters rather than the brain.

The heart, being an impetus to the viscera, plays a supreme role in our physical and spiritual health. When the heart is over-stressed by the other organs, all other organs and systems will be further weakened and the system energy suddenly plummets.  Therefore, it is with a sense of urgency that the underlying root cause of a heart problem be identified first and treated.  In this way, the body energy can be restored quickly and negative energy between the heart and other organs can be corrected.

IV.     Autonomic Nervous System is primarily rooted in the heart and the liver 

TCM practitioners has found that the central nervous system does not function alone; it is primarily rooted in and closely related to the heart and liver. An unhealthy heart can trigger neurologic dysfunction such as:

  • Neurasthenia

  • Depression or maniac

  • Irritated easily

  • Delirious, frightened easily

  • Oral ulcer (blister)

  • Multiple Sclerosis

  • Myasthenia Gravis

  • Stroke

  • Diabetes

  • High blood pressure

  •  Pain or sore all over the body

  • Numbness or tingling

  • Night sweats

  • ADD (Attention Deficiency Dis.)

  • Fatigue

  • Palpitation, arrhymia 

  •  Shortness of breath

  •  Irregular menstruation

  • Reflux (hiatal hernia)

  • Bloated stomach

  • Bloody and purulent stool

  • Seizure (panic attack)

  • Lack of libido

  • Hyperthyroidism

  • Teeth grinding

  • Dementia, amnesia or short term memory loss

  •  Insomnia, restlessness or wake up easily during the night

  • Adrenal deficiency (Addison's like syndromes) 

  • Constipation alternate with diarrhea

  • Hyperkinetic symptom of childhood)

In addition, TCM practitioners believe that the small intestines are related to the heart as a   husband-wife relationship. To insert a needle onto the acupuncture points in the small intestine meridian, along with the auricular small intestine point, prostate point, and coronary artery point can enhance the release of prostaglandin (PG) and dilation of coronary arteries; therefore, chest pain, palpitation, and other cardiac symptoms are relieved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why the cardiac muscles so easily get tired?

The heart like a pump, works day and night to insure the brain and the body have abundant oxygen and energy to accommodate activities required. Lacking of adequate energy, the heart can not contract and dilate in a regular rhythm. The heart's energy comes from an adequate supply of oxygen carried by the hemoglobin in the red blood cells through inhalation. Shallow breathing and inadequate blood supply (anemia) can cause cardiac disease.

Oxygen is the primary fuel in which to kindle oxidation and produce ATP energy. When blood cells short of oxygen and energy,  they are like flat tires, difficult to spin and move. Deep breathing infuses flat cardiac blood cells with abundant oxygen(air) and energy; the 'aired' blood cells are no longer clotted  or bumped each other but able to flow freely. As cardiac cells are aired, ballooned, and flow freely, ample space is created between the cells to carry additional oxygen, which then aids circulation.   

Negative energy such as anger, worry, fear, broken heart and hatred can block and drain cardiac energy and cause heart disease.  Human virtues such as meekness, humbleness (live a lowly life), forgiving others before the sun sets, loving kindness, serving people, and live a joyful and peaceful life are the best medicine for a vital heart.                                                               

What are the factors to affect the blood supply and blood circulation?

 Abundant oxygen and energy are the impetus to:

  • fat breakdown.  Much of this fat is stored in the abdomen, buttocks and the liver.
  • Alignment of anions (negative charged electricity) with cations (positive charged electricity) within the tissues to produce strong magnetic forces and promote correct energy spin and blood circulation. 
  • regulate and balance the body dissension (flow down) and ascension (flow up) energy. Circulation requires two forces:

a.  Dissension force flowing down. The end of the dissension force is the beginning of the ascension force.

b.  Ascension force flowing up. The end of the ascension force is the beginning of the dissension force.

            Dissension energy primarily led by the lung, the heart, stomach, and colon flows down to the body for nourishment and detoxification whereas the ascension energy led by the kidneys, the liver, and spleen flows up for the nutrition reutilization, just as the earth's water, via the sun light evaporates to the clouds and falls back to the earth as rain when it reaches the dew point (the end of the earth's ascended water is the beginning of descended rain). Similarly, dissension energy led by the lung and ascension energy led by the kidneys are intersected in the spleen/pancreas and stomach, a midpoint and landmark for balance, harmony and vital heart health. Sluggish digestion and/or assimilation can cause sleep disorder, weight gain, fatigue and heart problems.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners also find that the energy meridian pathway is opposite to the blood circulation pathway.  The blood circulation starts from the left side of the body flowing down, then, flows back via the right side of the body. The energy meridian pathway starts from the right side of the body flowing down, then, flows back via the left side of the body. The energy and blood circulation pathways are intersected at the midpoint, located in the spleen/ pancreas, and stomach area. 

The reason that most of chronic diseases originate from a functional disorder of spleen/ pancreas and stomach is because the sluggish circulation and energetic blockage in the abdomen area while energy is flowing from the heart (one of descending forces) to the kidneys (one of ascending force) and back to the heart.  The venous blood in the kidneys requires abundant ATP and fire heat in the heart so that it can heat (flow) up to the liver and back to the heart, lung and brain. Likewise, the heart requires abundant oxygen (a heavy molecule) to bond with hemoglobin so that the oxygen rich blood in the heart can flow down (heavy things flow down) to the stomach, colon, kidneys and other tissues for nourishment. Deep inhalation and exhalation resolves oxygen deficiency in the lung and heart area.

            In a nutshell, without 'heart fire' to heat the kidneys, the kidneys can not  bring the venous blood up to the liver, the heart, the lungs and the brain. Only through a balanced dissension energy and ascension energy can energetic and the blood circulation be correctly maintained.

How can I direct my mind (thoughts) to manipulate the electromagnetic flow in the heart, and regenerate

oxygen-depressed cardiac blood cells?

Cardiac blood cells carry a relatively high electromagnetic frequency to regulate the contraction and dilation of the heart. The heart is a "fire" oriented organ as engine and is primarily dominated by red light energy resulting from the oxidized ferritin bonding with red blood cells.  Excessive oxidation of the cardiac blood cells resulting from anxiety, fretting, frustration, anger, trying to please others, and other emotional pressure generate excessive fire heat so called free radicals. This excessive oxidation elevates regional blood temperature, damages heart tissue, causes the neoplasia or degeneration of the heart function, night sweats, oral ulcers, gum/tooth infection, "fire" eyes, headaches, allergies, high blood pressure, neck/shoulder pain, coronary artery blockage and stroke.

Reverse breathing techniques can effectively lower the heart's high electromagnetic frequency, regulate heart beat, and provide homeostasis for the regeneration of damaged heart cells.

How the dental infection or mercury filling can cause heart  disease?

Both sides of retromolars (behind the wisdom tooth) are connected to:

  • the heart meridian pathway;

  • small intestine meridian pathway and

  • vagus nerves (the wide distribution of the nerve arising from the side of the medulla oblongata, passing down to supply the pharynx, larynx, trachea, lungs, heart, and he gastrointestinal tract as far as the left splenic flexure.

The teeth infection resulting from necrosis of the wisdom tooth, cavities, root canal or periodontal disease can directly ripple through the whole body via the energetic meridian pathways and the vagus nerve causing the cancer, extreme fatigue, disorder of the autonomic nervous, immune, lymphatic system, hormonal secretion, pulmonary   and circulatory dilation/contraction, gastric churning, and food assimilation.

Slight crack of mercury filling allows the foods to reside in the cavities causing chronic teeth infection. Aged mercury filling may release toxic mercurial vapors into saliva when chewing the foods or doing speaking. Toxic mercurial vapors mixed with saliva and the foods swallowed into the stomach, small intestine and colon can cause heart problem, fatigue, poor assimilation, constipation, reflux, candida, sleep disorder, viral infection, memory loss.  

How can breast implants cause heart disease?  

The rupture of a silicone or saline transplant and scar tissues can block the energetic and blood   supply to the heart, the lungs, and lymphatic nodes in the carotid artery and axilliary region causing the chest pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and scapular pain.  

A Safe Alternative Approach To Restore The Heart Health 

Dr. Ging's confidence in this alternative approach for heart health is derived from over twenty years experience in integrative medicine and patient testimonies.  He believes: herbal remedy, nutritional supplements, dietary and lifestyle changes, Chi-Gong breathing exercise, and the liver/kidney health are essential to restore the heart health while concurrently balancing high cholesterol, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, weight gain, and hormonal production. Dr. Ging's herbal heart formulas complement chelation therapy and the conventional western medicine.  There are no known side effects when combining his natural herbal formula with pharmaceutical medicine as long as they are taken first, at least one hour prior to prescription pharmaceuticals

 Vital Heart I, the herbal formulas, developed by Dr. Ging and his brother, Yu-Ping Cheng    are a combination of Chinese herbs useful for long-term heart disease prevention and treatment. These balanced formulas, passed down from generation from generation to generation have been used in China and Taiwan for more than 2,000 years.  These formulas have bee proven effective, with no known side effects, in enhancing energy metabolism, reducing chest pain, coronary arterial blockage, managing high cholesterol/triglyceride, balancing high blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and relieving palpitation/wheezing.

 Vital Heart I  formulas are the core formulas of the Comprehensive Vital Heart Program. The Comprehensive Vital Heart Program includes four ancillary formulas which complement, support, and augment the Vital Heart I & II formulas, and relieve additional symptoms not adequately managed by the core formulas.

For patients whose work is highly stressful and requires high adrenal support, it is recommended that Vital Heart I be taken regularly for the prevention of heart disease. 

Dietary Suggestion:

  • Do drink vegetable juices such as cup parsley juice,  cup beets juice with 1 cup of apple juice, papaya (the best fruit for you)

  • Do not eat sweets or excessive fruits such as mango, pineapple

  • Take cod-liver-oil daily and magnesium malate, 1000mg to 2000 mg each time, morning and bedtime

  • Eat 2 oz of beef or lamb twice a week or turkey

  • Eat deep ocean fish with scales such as salmon, cod, trout, flounder, halibut

  • Use olive oil for cooking

  • Do not eat pork, shrimp, lobster, canned or frozen food

  •  Do not eat cheese, butter, cow milk. You may drink goat milk, almond milk, rice milk or soybean milk (if you have allergies or adrenal deficiency, do not drink soybean milk)

  • Do not drink coffee, caffeineated soft drinks, or alcohol

  • Do not smoke

  • Do not eat deep fried foods such as french fries, hush brown, or fried chicken

  •  If you have reflux or feel bloated after meal, do not eat salad, raw vegetables and fruits, but cooked vegetables.

Live a vital life style:

1.      Practice 'Reverse Breathing ' Chi Gong exercise all the time     

The primary cause of chronic degenerative disease is excessive consumption of oxygen and deprivation of hydrogen ion. Normal cells would convert to cancer cells when the depressed oxygen drops below 35% according to Otto Warburg, Ph. D, who won two Nobel Prizes for discovering the cytochrome enzymes of oxidative phosphorylation mechanism in 1946 and 1948.

'Reverse Breathing' exercise helps lower high frequency brain waves to Theda wavelength and insures peaceful nerve enervation to allow for constant blood flow of oxygen, glucose and nutrients.

The blood stream carries chemical messengers called hormones, which provide the instructions to cells in many parts of the body. Most hormones bind to a specific receptor site on the cell membrane that activates adenyl cyclase. This, in turn, converts ATP into cyclic AMP (adenosine monophosphate), a second messenger that regulates hundreds of diverse enzyme processes in living cells. 'Reverse Breathing' Chi Gong exercise and Herbal Formula developed by Dr. Ging provide abundant energy facilitating the conversion process of ATP to cyclic AMP.

'Reverse Breathing' can effectively balance pH along with intake of colloidal minerals and colloidal trace minerals such as Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc, Selenium, etc. 'Reverse Breathing' C and minerals act as catalysts to trigger complex enzymatic reactions in the cells. Enzymes are living protein substances that catalyze biochemical pathways.

             To regulate complex enzyme processes in living cells, it requires peaceful nerve enervation, abundant oxygen, cyclic AMP, colloidal minerals performance, energetic water (minimum of clusters in the water), balanced temperature and pH value, healthy liver and kidney, and controlled free radical activity.

              Practicing 'Reverse Breathing' exercise all the time help you achieve proper cellular homeostasis.

2.      To pray on the knee or fasting are powerful alternatives to breathe in God and receive supreme healing energy from God.  Affirmative forgiveness prayer is effective to release the anger, frustration and depression. Morning and bedtime at least twice a day for three months.  

3.      Practice Sun Light Chi-Gong exercise for energy and sober mind 

4.      Drink 2 cups of water as soon as you get up in the morning to flush out the colon because the colon energy reaches the peak between 5:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. You should have good amount of elimination in the early morning.     

5.   Apply herbal moxa to your abdomen morning and evening for 20 minutes in October and November (three months before winter).

       6.  Lots of green vegetables, deep ocean fish (salmon, cod, trout, flounder, halibut) but small amount of fruits (carbohydrates) should be your regular dietary. 

       7.  Drink lime/lemon juice twice a day; 2 lemons each time with 1/4 of warm water

       8.  Live a tranquil mind and lowly life

       9.  Find a job and spouse that can bring you love, joy and peace. If your job is not fulfilling   and you can

            do nothing about it. You may consider changing your job or career.

            I am not sure to change spouse can free you from stress if the source of your stress is due  to your

             spouse.  For marriage is not just for romance but also a commitment that you are    willing to be cooked,

             counter  balanced, and transformed by your counter part, so called spouse. Talk and negotiate with your

             spouse to  resolve the stress issue. If you are not able to resolve with your spouse, change yourself that will

             make a big difference.

     10.  Go to bed early (no later than 10:00 p.m.) and get up early to practice Sun Light Chi-Gong exercise.

            The early birds are singing and sun dancing not because of worms, but the feast on sunlight. If you are

            in depression, showering with early morning sunlight can deliver you from melancholy.    

     11.  Do not eat or work after 8:00 p.m. to prepare yourself to get some rest before bedtime.

     12.  Soak the feet with hot water for 20 minutes before bedtime, then, go to bed. Read a spiritual book

            to nourish your soul while soaking the feet since your feet are stuck in the water and you cannot go

            anywhere.  After soaking the feet, do not watch T.V. or do any house chores, lie down on the bed and

            breathe until you  fall asleep.

    13.  In many chronic diseases and cancer, there is a focus of chronic infection.  If you tire easily, check to

           see whether you have gastrointestinal mal-absorption, vitamin/ mineral deficiencies, hormonal imbalance,

           liver problem, fungal/viral/bacterial/tooth infections, parasites and amoeba infestation acquired from pets

           or foods,  mercury toxicity, heavy metal toxicity, breast implant leakage/rupture, radiation or geopathic

           stress.   The above pathogenic factors tend to be ignored by most people and doctors.

    14.  Eat at least 30 different foods daily for nutritional balance.

    15.  Take cod-liver-oil daily and magnesium malate (1,000mg to 2,000 mg each time, morning and bedtime).

    16.  Use olive oil for cooking

    17.  Some gentle physical exercise   

What To Expect From The Comprehensive Vital Heart Program?

  • Vital energy and less fatigue

  • Relief from the chest pain

  • Restoration of normal arterial function and opening of clogged blood vessels

  • Strengthening the heart muscle and increasing cardiac output to insure abundant  arterial blood supply

  • Decreases cardiac oxygen consumption

  • Improved sleep and relaxation

  • A holistic approach to body systems: the heart and the other organs are healthier and work more efficiently.

  • Balanced triglyceride, cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels.

Clinical experience has shown that most people using the Vital Heart I & II formulas experience less chest pain, easier in breathing, better quality of sleep, and vital energy within one month. However, individuals may experience a variety of results.  

How To Objectively Measure Your Progress?

  • Patients feel better overall, are more at peace, sleep better, have more energy and experience no chest pain and water retention in the ankle and abdomen area.

  • Choose medical test procedures to confirm progress before, during and after the Comprehensive Vital Heart Program.   If  chest pain, throat or arm discomfort, shortness of breath, or a  tendency toward timidity or nervousness is experienced, a stress test is in order, preferably with thallium or a two-dimensional echocardiogram before and after the stress test. This will quantify the degree of coronary disease. Repeat the test for two or three months. For additional information regarding the parameters and benefits of a stress test, consult a physician.

  • Carotid and vertebral artery ultrasound Doppler duplex imaging will often show atherosclerotic clogging when symptoms of light strokes such as weakness or numbness in one part of the body, temporary loss of vision or speech impairment have been experienced.

  • Exertional muscle cramps in the legs as you walk can be quantified as to the degree of    atherosclerotic clogging  in the leg arteries by Claudilation procedure, a Doppler duplex ultrasound image of the iliacofemoral arteries   

Dr. Ging is dedicated to providing information, education and offering safe and effective natural remedies to tackle difficult-to-treat chronic diseases. Chi-Gong  breathing exercises, dietary and life style changes, smoking and drinking cessation are indispensable in the Comprehensive Vital Heart program. 

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