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Learning to use Kidney Power to get well

by Dr. Christopher Ging

Copyright by Vital Chi 2001

For twenty years I have been researching the use of certain Chinese herbal formulas and steam therapy for symptoms, and I have found they can be used to bring the body back to balanced good health. The human body is an electromagnetic wave driven system. All the cells, tissues, and organs carry at least five unique electromagnetic waves, which are the impetus of enzymatic reaction, biochemical reactions in the body, and physical and spiritual functions.

Imagine these waves like antenna receiving and sending the messages to:

. Balance the functions of the organs;

. Cause dilation and contraction of the heart, muscles, blood vessels, stomach, colon, etc.;

. Induce sleep and awakening (circadian rhythm);

. Regulate body temperature, pH value, heart beat, and brain activities.

The human body has a yang electromagnetic field (organs, blood, bones) and a yin electromagnetic field (spiritual being, subconscious mind, ancestry blessing or curse). The central nervous system is a liaison and connector of both yang or physical being and yin or spiritual being. When the yang and yin electromagnetic fields cannot be synchronized, an electromagnetic field disturbance results, causing the body to be sick as a warning message to wake up the body to take action to correct the electromagnetic disturbance. Then there is neurological imbalance and perhaps spinal dislocation. If there is no intervention, eventually the electron spin of the organ stops and life ends.

At least three thousand years ago, the Chinese knew of 361 acupuncture points in the human body. When these acupuncture points are blocked, enzymatic reactions and body biochemistry activities stop; and sickness gradually creeps in. When an acupuncturist, herbalist or Chi Gong master unblocks the energy in the acupuncture points, the body's healing power is released to flow through the 14 meridians (channels), allowing the energy for life force (chi) to flow freely through the whole body.

The Role of a Tranquil Mind for Good Health

Excessive fear, frustration, and anger are negative energies causing electromagnetic disturbance, which can gradually deplete the body's energy and cause insomnia, colon blockage, and gassy and bloated stomach. I have researched and developed special herbal formulas, a self-care breathing technique, and Sun Ray Chi-Gong exercise which can cause the central nervous system to discern the problematic meridians and correct the excess and/or deficiency of electromagnetic disturbance.

Most physical problems are due to the lack of "tranquil mind" where the mind is always racing at the beta brain wave (high frequency) and cannot be quieted down to the alpha brain wave (lower frequency) before bedtime. It is tranquil mind that brings the function of the central nervous system back to equilibrium. Then the central nervous system can induce the body to relax into a sound and deep sleep, giving the whole body an opportunity to return to balance. Without sound and deep sleep, the electron spin in the central nervous system, endocrine glands, enzyme production system, organ function and all related emotions will be in disorder, allowing sickness to gradually creep in.

The Role of Our Kidneys to Bring About Good Health

Our kidneys lie on each side of the spinal column, at the back just above the waist. The kidneys consist of an outer part called the cortex, the inner part, and the medulla. Renal (kidney) tissue works to heat the kidney blood, which then distills nutrition from the blood vessels into energy and delivers unused nutrition vapor to the brain for reutilization. Since nutrition molecules are much lighter than the toxins, heavy metals, and waste materials, nutrition travels to the upper body and brain while the heavy toxins, metals and waste materials travel down to the colon and bladder to be excreted. The process of separating the nutrition from the waste products and allowing the nutrition to be utilized is a unique function of the kidneys and the best way to keep the body clean and healthy.

If you find that you have any of the symptoms listed below, you may have stressed out, damaged or infected renal tissue. The damage results in chill kidney blood that is unable to separate the nutrition from the waste products. As a result, the nutrition lumps in with piled up waste products, causing many symptoms:

. Fluid imbalance with low urine production, edema in the ankles or abdomen, feeling very thirsty during the night, swelling in the fingers, frequent diarrhea. Incontinence and frequent urination, possibly every one or two hours and getting up during the night more than two times for urination;

. Black rim around the eyelids, dark ear color, hearing loss, ear ringing, ear infection, pressure in the ears. Hair loss, shaky teeth;

. Chronic fatigue due to anemia from poor digestion

. Osteoporosis, bone pain, joint pain, lumbar pain, tooth pain (especially in the incisors), knee pain, heel pain, ankle pain, arthritis, gout. Pain in the little toe or inability to balance well while walking;

. Proteinuria, blood in the urine;

. Diabetes or low blood sugar;

. Hormonal imbalance, early menopause, hyperthyroidism, decreased libido, vaginal dryness, low testosterone, male potency problem, infertility;

. Phobias;

. Adrenal deficiency, resulting in cold limbs, cold abdomen or lower back, spasm, depression;

. Problems with short term memory;

. High blood pressure, shortness of breath, palpitations;

. Poor appetite;

. Headache in the occipital area;

. Sore throat or getting hoarse easily after speaking for a short time;

. Sensitivity to cold.

Kidney blood temperature affects

nutrition utilization, energy, and body weight

A blood circulation problem can cause many symptoms: fat or toxins settling in the capillaries, weight gain, palpitation, cramps, sore neck, nervous tension, coronary artery blockage, water retention, shortness of breath, hair loss, sensitivity to cold weather, lumbar pain, headache, allergy, chronic fatigue, skin disease, and many other disorders. When the cells are not filled with chi and oxygen, they are like flat tires causing a traffic jam, resulting in organ dysfunction, necrosis, lactic acid build-up, soreness, pain, infection, inflammation, and sluggish blood circulation. To correct symptoms related to sluggish blood circulation, I recommend you practice the reverse breathing technique. (See next column.)

This exercise increases blood circulation between the heart (master of energy fire) and the kidney (master of water and energy fire) and brings ample cardiac blood down into the abdomen. After practicing the reverse breathing technique for a week, the cells in the body will be filled with abundant oxygen and chi (energy for life force), so you may feel throbbing and warmth in the abdominal area as the cardiac blood carries fresh oxygen down to the abdominal aorta, spleen, stomach, liver, and eventually to the kidney. The throbbing is a sign of abundant energy flowing through that region.

This exercise also elevates the blood temperature in the kidney region, so if your extremities, lower back, or abdomen feel cold, that may indicate that your blood temperature and blood circulation in the kidney need to be improved.

Practicing the deep breathing technique with tranquil mind, fasting with prayer, and the Sun Light Chi Gong exercise can help the stomach fully rest. Therefore, you do not feel hungry after practicing the deep breathing, Chi Gong exercise. This can be used to manage your hunger feelings if you wish to eat less.

If you practice diligently, you may find yourself feeling as well as you felt when you were a child. By balancing the energies of the body with herbal support, proper breathing techniques and practicing "tranquil mind," you may have that fresh start to life that you have searched for in many other places.

Reverse Breathing Meditation with Red Color


1. Find a quiet comfortable place to reach a tranquil state of mind. Prepare to embrace nature and mingle the energy of the Universe.

2. Close your eyes and relax. For those who have a chronic disease, exhale deeply before inhaling. If you do not have a chronic disease, inhale deeply then exhale. Focus your awareness on your breath and enjoy your breathing in a comfortable, slow pace.

3. As you inhale slowly, visualize water lifting coolness from your abdominal aorta region (3 inches below your navel) into your sternum.

4. Then exhale only 20% of your exhalation containing the fire from your heart region. As you exhale, press the fire down to the abdominal aorta with the aide of your lungs and diaphragm.

5. Hold your breath and use your visualization to keep pressing down the fire coming from the heart for approximately 5 to 8 seconds. Visualize red light flowing down with the fire as you hold the breath. You will gradually feel a flow of warmth in your abdominal aorta region.

6. Then, exhale the remaining 80% of your exhalation sending the warmth down to your perineum (anus) and reaching to your adrenals and two kidneys. You will gradually feel the warmth flow to your lumbar (lower back) region.

7.The best time to practice reverse breathing is one hour before bedtime or whenever you feel tired. You may practice reverse breathing either laying face upward or seated with your palms resting on the thighs facing upward. When you practice in a seated position, be sure that you are sitting on the front part (1/3) of the chair with your neck, spine, and sacrum in a straight line. Do not lean on the chair.

8. The duration of practice can be from 20 minutes to 3 days. It is a very effective technique in weight loss if you practice when fasting. It can also help induce sound sleep, re-charge energy, build up the immune system, and overcome hot flashes.

9. Shortly after finishing the practice, you must shuffle your hands together for at least 20 seconds until your palms feel warm. Then, wash the face with the energy in your palms, comb the hair with the energy in your fingers, pat the neck, the chest, massage the umbilicus, hips, back, and lateral and medial sides of your feet.

10. Do not shower/bathe or drink water shortly after the breathing exercise. You should wait 10 minutes because water will stop the energy you just gained.

Dr. Christopher Ging is an Oriental Medical Doctor (OMD) and Acupuncturist. He recognizes the merits of both Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine and embraces a multi-disciplinary approach as the superior program for both preventive care and healing. He is specifically trained and skilled in identifying and treating the underlying "root causes" of health problems rather than just treating the symptoms. For nearly 20 years Dr. Ging has been performing in-depth research and clinical trials with Chinese herbs grown in Taiwan and China and has developed unique formulas to tackle difficult-to-treat chronic pain and diseases. Dr. Ging is available for second opinions on various diseases including chronic disorders. He is available for lectures and private appointments, see his ad page 15.