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Ozon Mate Manual

In nature, ozone is abundantly created electrically through lightening and thunder during rainy days, or in the forest, waterfalls, or morning dews on the lawn. During rainy days, the electrical charge generated by lightening and thunder strikes water particles in the atmosphere, causing electrons to escape from the protons of water molecules and release a sweet smell. This explains why the air feels so fresh and clean after rainy days.  

The multi-functional ozon mate , based on Corona Ozone technological theory , utilizes the air or water as raw material to generate animated ozone, as naturally produced during rainy days by lightening and thunderstorms. Ozone, as a broad- spectrum disinfectant and antiseptic agent, features a high oxidizing ability to prevent bacterial/fungal proliferation and to promote rapid atmosphere cleansing/bacterial sterilization in both water and air. The ozone existing in the atmosphere contains 0.01-0.04ppm os ozone for air cleansing and to balance the level of bacteria and mildew. The scientific name of ozone is O3, carrying three oxygen atoms. Active ozone, O3 is made of light-weighted negative ions; its nature is inherently unstable. Under normal temperature, it is gradually broken down and reversed back into oxygen O2 and mono O. Mono-O is about 600 times more active than chloride. The speed with which ozone is broken down into oxygen and mono O depends on the pH, humidity, atmosphere, temperature, and any metal or other medium with which ozone reacts. Because ozone, O3 can speedily reverse back into O2 and mono O by oxidizing with organic compounds, water or carbon dioxide, unused ozone does not pollute the water. Being much less toxic than chlorine and other chemicals used for water and air cleansing, ozone is a great air purifier and water cleanser.  

A. What can ozone accomplish?

1. Kill Microorganisms such as bacteria, virus, etc …

· Kill most coli form and staphylococcus in the air

· Kill 99.7% of coli form and 99.9% of staphylococcus aureus on the surface of an object

· Kill 100% of coli form, staphylococcus and salmonella in the phosphate alleviant

· Kill 100% of coliform in the water

· Kill bacteria spores

· Kill brevibacterium spores

· Kill 99.99% of brevibacterium spores in the water

· Destroy virus

· Destroy 99.99% of HBs Ag and 100% of HAAG .

· Destroy Influenza Virus in the air

· Destroy PV I and Hepatitis A virus in the water quickly

· Destroy SA-11 in the water

· When ozone concentration in the blood serum reaches to 4mg/lit, it would help destroy

HIV at 106cd50/ml

· Kill epiphyte

· Kills aspergillums versicolor and penicillium

· Kill 100% of aspergillums Niger, fusarium f.sp. mwlonogea and fusarium oxysporum

f.sp. lycopersici.

· Kill aspergillus Niger and Candida

· Kill parasitic protozoa and its eggs  

Ozone concentration level, temperature, pH, and organic chemicals to be interacted with can impact ozone ability as disinfectant and antiseptic agent. The best performance of ozone is at the temperature of 30~32*.  

Ozone destroys the viruses by diffusing into its nucleic acid core, causing the release of RNA from bacteriophage. Under a microscope, bacteriophage can then be seen torn into small fragments.

While active, ozone interacts with and penetrates into the double-wall of the viral lipid cells. It can change the permeability of the double wall of viral cells, and further break down its cytoplasm integrity and disrupt numerous levels of its metabolic complexities, eventually leading to the death of the viral cells.  

  • A pplication of active ozone: for water treatment, as a chemical oxidant, enhancing and maintaining food quality , and medical usage

1. For w ater treatment

Ozone can effectively:

  1. kill the bacteria and virus
  2. reduce the murkiness of the water
  3. purge the impurities such as iron, manganese in the water
  4. be used as bleaching agent

Chlorine, widely used in water treatment, generates a number of toxic and carcinogen substances, such as chloroform, carbon tetrachloride, bromo-methane dichloride, etc. Compared with chlorine, ozone germicidal action is more effective, quicker, and safer.

2. As a chemical oxidant

In petrochemical, paper-making, textile, chemical engineering, and pharmaceutical industries, ozone has been used as a strong oxidant, catalyst, and refining agent. It breaks off the carbon chain for creating new chemical compounds and quality enhancement.  

Besides clean up the air pollutants released from rubber, plastic, textile, petrochemical, and paper-making factories, ozone also plays a vital role in removing unpleasant odors in the processing of fish,, as well as animal skin.

3. Enhanc ing and maintain ing food quality

By washing with ozonated water, pesticides/herbicides can be oxidated by ozone and removed from vegetables and fruits.  

Because of ozone’s disinfectant and antiseptic ability, it has been used to inhibit bacterial/fungal/viral growth in the food processing industry. Ozone is particularly useful to the food industry because of its ability to:

· disinfect and inhibit microorganism growth when food is refrigerating

· maintain the freshness and prevent decaying without adding any chemicals to the food

and water

4. Medical Usage  

Ozone has been used in hospitals and clinics as disinfectant and air purifier in China. In Germany, Russia, France, Italy, and Switzerland, dentists have used ozonated water to cleanse the oral area prior to surgery. Doctors recommend drinking ozone water for women’s issues and varicose veins. Atrophy/hemorrhoids are treated with ozone injection.

All in all, ozone germicidal treatment is superior to formalin, acidum, peroxyaceticum, and potassium permangana.  

C. Unit Configuration  


Electrical Requirement : AC 220V/50Hz

Power Consumption:15W

Weight : 1.4Kg

Size : 27×16.7×8cm

Ozone Output : 400mg/h our

Maximum Working Minutes : 30 minutes per session for 2-gallon water

15 minutes per session for 1 gallon water

10 minutes per session for less than 1 gallon water   

D. Operation lnstruction

1.   Plug the power cord into 110 V plug.

When red light is on and “00” is shown on the top of unit, the unit is “ready to go”.  

2. To infuse the water with ozone, insert the ozone diffuser stone (white or black stone) into one end of the air tube (clear or green air tube) while the other end of the air tube is connected with the black male ozone outlet located in the front of the unit .

If t he tube is not connected with the black ozone outlet, the unit can function as an air purifier to cleanse the dust on the wall and in the room .

3 . To start the unit, simply press “ADD” button. The unit, then, would ozon ate either the water or the ai r for 5 minutes. When pressing “ADD” button, the second time, the unit would ozonate the water or the air for 10 minutes - at an increment of 5 minutes, each time you press “ADD” button.

The red light will turn back on when ozonization task is complete; and the unit is ready for next session.

When pressing “Circulation” button the first time, red light would show “00”. Pressing 5 more times, red light would show “05”, indicating that the unit would automatically ozonate the water at an interval of every 5 minute. It is recommended that the automatic “Circulation” feature be turned on during the day by pressing “Circulation” button 5 times; turned it off by pressing “OFF” button in the evening.

The maximum ozonating time per session is 30 minutes.  

To treat the water with ozone, it is recommended that :

30 minutes per session for 2-gallon water;

15 minutes per session for 1 gallon water;

10 minutes per session for less than 1 gallon water.  

14. When pushing the ozone output adjustor toward black male ozone outlet (located in the front of the unit) , the ozone output is 100mg/h our

When pushing the ozone output adjustor toward O3 mark , the ozone output is300mg/h our .  


E. Cautions and Warning

1. To avoid a hazard, resulting from water flowing back into the unit, the machine should be placed at a much higher elevation than the water level . For example, the machine is always placed on a surface, at least 2 inches higher than the cup, water container, bath tub or dish pan so that the water in the air tube would not flow back to the machine.

2. Do not place the machine in a smoky, damp, or place with burning heat, lest ozone output efficiency and economic life of the unit be affected.  

3. H andle the unit with caution and care . When placing the unit on a surface, gently put it down; nor should the unit be collided with a heavy object. Make sure that black male ozone outlet is open, not blocked with hairs, dust or any pollutants. .

4. Keep the unit out of the reach of children.  

5. Keep the a ir tube clean and do not twist it.  

6.  While the unit is in operation, it is recommended that your head/eyes/nose at least 2 feet away from the black male air outlet.  

7. When using the unit for air purification in a room with all windows closed, it is better not to stay in the room, and not to enter the room until at least 40 minutes after the machine stops. In the atmosphere under normal temperature, about 50 % of active ozone will disappear in 40 minutes.

8. While the machine is purifying the air, if you feel discomfort, over-stimulated and/or dizzy you should turn off the machine immediately.  

9. Do not purify the air too long with all windows closed in a room. You may open the windows to avoid excessive high density of ozone in the room.  

10. The safety range of ozone for human being is about 0.01-0.1ppm, which is same range as ozone in nature.  

11. Upon ozonating time is complete , the unit would beep. I t is recommended that you should drink it within 5 minutes because the ozone in the water is extremely versatile ; and they are normally disappeared within 5 to10 minutes .

12. It is normal if the air tube turns to white or yellow color after using it for some time.

13. Make sure that the ozone diffuser stone is sunk to the bottom of a water container when treating the water with ozone.

14. D isconnect the power cord when repairing or maintaining the machine

Operation Caution Warning Sign: It is to remind the user that this machine is operating at high voltage. Thus, handle and maintain unit with caution.   Do not attempt to dissemble by yourself.

Contact our service center at 817-292-3335 or qualified engineer to change the broken cord or plug.  

Unplug the machine while cleaning the unit with dry and soft cloth.  

Do not place the machine in a damp and high temperature environment.

For your security, do not attempt to dissemble, repair or retrofit by yourself.  

Trouble Shooting Tips  

1. If you do not see ample bubbles in the water, please check to see whether:

    • a. the air tube is cracked or twisted  
    • b. white or black diffuser stone is clogged. In the event of clogging, it is recommended that a new diffuser stone be replaced .  
    • c. if you can not figure out what is wrong with it, you may call 817- 292-3335  

2. While the unit is treating the water or purifying the air, you should not smell strong ozone. If you do smell something strong , you may call 817- 292-3335 .  

The unit carries a three-month warranty from the date purchased . The following circumstances are not covered under warranty:  

  • Attempt to dissemble, repair or retrofit by yourself.  
  • Damage due to shipment or accident.  
  • Damage attributable to lack of necessity of maintenance.  
  • Damage as a result of uncontrollable factor such as fire, flood, earthquake, etc.  
  • Damage due to not following the instructions.  

After warranty period, you will be charged for parts changed, but workmanship is free.

When service request is within warranty period, please present the receipt.

A service fee will be charged after one-year warranty period.

Please check carefully the accessories in the carton.

Warranty period : Three-month free warranty from the date purchase d .  

If the product is defect under warranty period, please call 817- 292-3335 as soon as possible.